Mission & Vision

DNR Consultancy

Our Mission

To enhance the competitiveness and viability of the industries in the global environment through focused Research and Development, effective transfer of technology and quality support services.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading technologically based building services consultancies and whilst making a strong contribution to the changing skylines of cities and economies around the world, be the preferred choice of major stake holders in the built environment.
  • Creating a good working environment, so that people have passion with doing what they are good at.
  • Being productive, having multi-skilled and effective teams.
  • Continuous learning process, always learning and seeking ways of improving.
  • Valuing Partners, cherishing deep relationships and network of clients, consultants, suppliers and contractors, for mutual enduring value.

core values

  • Flat organizational structure conducive to positive attitude, strong growth, equal opportunities and shared knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • Unified culture fostering team spirit, protectiveness, strong business ethics and extensive experience.
  • Each member of the team is enthusiastic, ambitious, a problem solver and strives to be a high achiever.
  • Team spirit extends to the family.
  • We are grateful of the faith you have entrusted in us to deliver your project, therefore we take great pride and ownership to ensure that the outcome meets your expectations.
  • A successful project is where all the team members are organized to achieve our personal and work goals through commitment and loyalty.
  • All works were carried out with the best interest of the stakeholders in the project.
  • Strong relationship management with all stake holders (Client, Client’s representative, Development/Project Managers/Team Consultants, Local Statutory Authorities, Contractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Operators, Facility Managers, etc.)
  • Our engineering training provides the foundation for our professional vocation to practice and be focused, competent and efficient engineers. We continually strive to learn and improve our skills, specialist knowledge and productivity to provide superior service.
  • Our teams are passionate and act objectively with responsibility and urgency.
  • We are always willing to move towards the extra mile.

design & operation philosophy

  • Detail Engineering based on actual data collection.
  • Design Based on Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) norms.
  • Safe & Reliable electrical system at optimum costs.
  • Converting detail engineering in appropriate drawings & details.
  • Accurate Quantity Estimation.
  • Two Level Drawing & Data checking.
  • Personalized attention to each project.
  • Co-Ordinating with MEP and Low voltage System.