Engineering design

Engineering design consultant

Engineering design detailing is the cornerstone; such a thing shouldn’t be taken lightly. Save your time, effort, and money by choosing the most professional design consultants, choose DNR. From concept to completion, we ensure that our services are meetings your hard core demands. Irrespective of the size of your project, our engineers have the experience and expertise to solve your concerns and provide you the most innovative solutions, thereby ensuring a smooth pathway from the start to the end. With several years of experience, DNR has built a reputation across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

MEP design consultant

DNR’s MEP design consultants are what you are in need of, if you are looking to have the best possible solution for your establishment. Our highly talented and experienced MEP design consultants will adopt the latest technological standards and come up with the right design for your establishment and ensure that it is both cost-efficient and energy-efficient. Because of the competence to look at the design holistically, DNR’s MEP design consultant offers nothing but just the best and the most efficient services and in conjunction with this they work together with other core engineering advisors to produce outstanding results. Hence, we are able to play down the disagreements and other expensive alterations that might crop up during the construction phase.

HVAC Consultant

With rising air conditioning accidents, it is imperative for every home owner and big establishment owners to hire the best HVAC consultant who can help prevent from such accidents. From traditional plumbing to heating and ventilation systems to fuel pipelines, cooling and compressed air systems to inert gas fire extinguishing, the role of a HVAC engineer is highly demanding, so they should be selected very carefully. Responsible for a wide set of categories, as your HVAC consultant, we focus on central air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation systems, thermal storage and radiant cooling systems, tunnel ventilation systems and so on. Innovation and cost-effective solutions are the two major reasons why our clients keep coming back to us, having said all that, we ensure that the procedures are simple and transparent. When you choose DNR as your HVAC consultant you can be sure of receiving the best services because we are the leading consultancy firm in Chennai and Trichy.

Firefighting consultants

The property industry is a diverse sector and involves a wide range of people with professional skill sets, of all the responsibilities involved, protecting people from fire and smoke hazards is the greatest chore. Simply put, it demands painstaking mastery of all aspects of emergency planning, management and law. Hence, one should be very careful in selecting the firefighting engineers who can be instrumental in all means. One should ensure that the hired technicians are experienced and assess potential fire hazards, evaluate owner’s needs, conduct an analysis of the same and develop conceptual solutions in a cost-effective manner. With DNR as your firefighting consultant partner, you can be sure of enjoying the best safety standards. From fire protection engineering to security system design and building & fire codes to code compliance with current laws and regulations, we will deliver just the right service.

Electrical engineer

DNR Electrical Consultants is a team of qualified and well experienced electrical engineers offering the best in class service to establishments of all sizes. From energy audits to design and implementation, DNR’s electrical engineers will incorporate the most up-to-date technological methods when it comes to design and provide the best in class services for our clients and the environment and ensure that it remains competitive and flexible to accommodate future innovations. So what are you waiting for? Fulfill your mission-critical goals with us, no matter your requirement; whether you want to develop and design a new electrical system or automate the whole process, our avid electrical engineers will do it with ease.

Plumbing Consultant

DNR Plumbing Consultants the most intricate part in big establishments. When it comes to plumbing, we at DNR provide an extensive range of integrated plumbing systems and take into account quite a few factors and focus on the project with respect to user convenience, project cost constraints, sustainability, and physical space limitations. Our expertise comprise of plumbing layout design and detailing, ensure that it meets all code requirements and safety concerns. We don’t stop there, but follow-up with our clients even after the completion of the project to ensure that the plumbing systems work in the way they are meant to be.