PHE consultants in chennai


PHE Consultants in chennai:

PHE consultants has clinched gigantic knack offering consulting services for sewerage water management services, water treatment plants design, construction, sewage inventory management system, material(stores) management system.

PHE was entrenched by a genus of professional engineers,town planners, management consultants and technocrats. Phe prolongs a squad of associate counsels, a companion of over 50 fancier including computer consultants, structural consultants, financial consultants,surveyors, professional engineers, environment consultants, town planners, architects, management consultants, transport consultants  etc. , aided by the technologists, machinist, surveillance personnel, trained worker and directorial assisting staff.

phe has toiled on numerous esteemed and entangled projects (including many world bank funded projects) and its manpower is well familiarized with the extent of multifaceted process, synergism and are proficient in the use of financial budgeting, quality control(qc), modern project management & trailing models for successful and expedient execution of the project desire. Phe’s human resource has toiled over all the directions of the country and has ample zonal vulnerability and perception of the regional eccentricities and definite territorial concerns to be bestow.

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