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“M” Engineering is one part of MEP Engineering. Engineers in Mechanical Discipline are responsible for designing heat, air conditioning and ventilation system for building.

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“E”Electrical Engineering is another part of MEP Engineering. Building power systems are designed by electrical engineers in MEP Engineering.

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“P” Plumbing is one of the in MEP Engineering. Water-based systems are designed by plumbing engineers for sinks, showers, and toilets. In addition, they work on design systems like ventilation systems and water purification systems.

  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire & Life Safety

There are many design fields for engineers in this world but MEP Engineering is a unique field. The challenge for engineers is to apply their skills and proficiency to design unique solutions for every project. We design a comfortable and functional MEP Engineering Services partner not only that we also assist in the design of buildings by collaborating with other disciplines.

All varieties of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems can be found in Retails / Textiles Show Rooms / Jewellery, Malls, Education Institutions, Hospitals, Offices, Corporate Brands, Commercial Complexes, Residential Buildings, Stadiums, Auditoriums, Hotels and Restaurants projects done by us with low cost and unique style. The design of one system influences the design of another. It is critical that these three disciplines work together when designing large commercial buildings. But it is not easy to find consulting firms like ours who provide all three engineering services.

Balance between traditional and modernity, conventional and sustainable – it is in the heart of us. The more we worked, the more we came to know that the world is moving towards different climate changes and it has become a hazard. It should be addressed before it is too late. As a result of this insight, we have shifted our focus on traditional MEP design to more sustainable alternatives.


Now a days our world is running on energy and the buildings are not exceptions. We also aim to sustain the future and it’s our responsibility to provide different and energy efficient designs for buildings. Not only that our experts work very closely with Mechanical and plumbing engineering to optimize the load required for HAVAC and plumbing equipment’s. We designed the system to maximize energy and saving through the punctilious application of standard and specified sector regulations. This will help to reduce operating and maintenance expenses.

  • Providing energy, efficient, lighting design based on functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • Implementing sensor - based intelligent lighting and selection of LED fixtures as per energy consumption requirements.
  • Designing power system distribution while maintain power quantity and minimizing system loses
  • Optimizing the distribution of telephone and data lines for maximum connectivity to the comforts of the end-user.
  • Implementing CCTV, Fire Alarm design in compliance with local as well as national standards.
  • Providing Earthing and Lighting protection to safeguard the building from external and internal electric impacts.
  • Designing Building Management System (BMS) to manage all MEP Engineering Designs / facilities.
  • EHV/ HV Substation and Power Distribution Systems. [66/11kV Substations.]
  • Transformer yard, HT rings mains etc.
  • HT and LT Power generation system – DG sets.
  • Lighting & Power distribution systems.
  • Lighting Management System. [LMS]
  • Emergency Power Generation & Distribution Systems.
  • Uninterruptible Power Distribution Systems.
  • Data center Power and earthing solutions.
  • Telephone Distribution Systems.
  • Grounding / Earthing Systems.
  • Lightning Protection System.
  • Cable carrying system design for IT cabling.


We are striving to improve the quality of indoor air for individuals, thereby promoting better health. Plan for no complaints from occupants of air pollution. Providing pollution-free air and ensuring that no stale or stuffy air leads to illness or discomfort are your top priorities. The principle of human rights to health dictates that everyone should be able to breathe purified air indoors.

Mechanical HVAC


The Plumbing Designing criteria which we undertake include test prior design, equipment pads, pipeline, pipe support design. We also provide all necessary professional services like planning and design of projects. We are fully responsible for the design in accordance with the contract, quality engineering practices, and special requirements (if needed). Moreover, our design is fully based on policies related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and other sustainable requirements. Sustainable goals will be established by the integrated design process.


Our complete range of Fire services provides innovative, cost effective and efficient solutions to our client's technical, operational needs. Fire Protection System includes Sprinkler system, Flooding System, and Fire hydrants. We design Fire Protection system in such a manner that it serves highest level of safety,reliability and effectiveness of special hazards fire suppression.
We provide Design Report, Detailed Estimation, Tender Documents and drawings which includes,

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Suppression agents and systems
  • Water distribution systems
  • Automatic sprinkler systems
  • Standpipe and hose systems
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers etc
Our team provides the Conceptual Design to detailed Engineering with Site Supervision



Lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve practical or aesthetic effects. Our energy efficient lighting design provides visual branding to the space resulting in an enhanced customer experience, higher perceived value and a lower annual cost of operation. We are experts in lighting technology and ensure that our specified products meet strict lighting objectives, quality norms, efficiency standards and aesthetic appeal. Our years of collective experience allows us to service every aspect of architectural lighting from overall space definition and process illumination to the design of an individual luminaire. Our designs are imaginative, pragmatic, and come with an exemplary level of service. Our design practice includes the following:

  • Retail Lighting
  • Hospital Lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior facade lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Lighting efficiency audits
  • Custom luminaire design
We desire to fulfill our customers' needs and also enrich and beautify our everyday lives.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) brings benefits through our efficient design with latest technology.

  • Enhances the perception of safety.
  • Aids in surveillance of traffic and parking activities.
  • Helps to protect infrastructure and assets.
  • Provides opportunity for surveillance of emergencies in particular events.
  • Minimalist Design at maximum safety
  • Schematic of distribution might be easy maintenance & Less Investment
As well, our team provides documentation and budgetary guidance to allow our client’s the ability to make an informed decision relating to proceeding to the procurement phase for a Project

Burgular Alarm
Burglar Alarms protects from the burglary attempts in the Houses or Commercial Places. Our objective of design is to ensure the security of property. Our Design includes the rapid advancement of technology and new changes can be made to make it’s more efficient.

Home Automation


Home Automation - Smart home technology and home automation are shaping the future. This is because, while the majority modern smart home technologies claim to be plug-and-play ready, users still have issues. Specifically, users are unable to integrate their different systems and have them communicate with each other as desired. We are well versed in integrating and designing smart home systems including:

  • Lighting Controls
  • Electric Curtains
  • Temperature Controls
  • Audio/Video System Controls
  • Music for the Home
  • Smart Doorbells and Locks
  • Security Systems and Cameras
Home Automation Consultancy, user friendly and sustainable control solutions to meet aesthetic needs and preference for an ultimate technical environment.


A building management system (BMS) is a control system that can be used to monitor and control the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical services in a facility. We expertise in the setting up of Building automation systems designs which will offer control and monitoring of the Building utilities such as

  • Power distribution switchgear
  • Vertical transportation
  • Fire safety systems
  • CCTV
  • Access Control

Due Diligence & Audits

Due Diligence & Audits

Every building is unique! Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Services are the key factors which define efficiency of building.

The effort required for MEP Services due diligence differs from one property to the other, there is no one-size fits all strategy.

We provide Professional Technical Due Diligence for all asset classes including Commercial, Residential, Retail Malls, Industrial Parks, Data Centres, Hospitality and Hotels and maximize the potential of property for investors. Energy consumption in buildings is directly attributed by MEP Services and system. In most of the cases, equipment or services need repairs, refurbishment, upgradation or complete replacement to reduce energy consumption and improve the performance in the property.

We , as a MEP specialist engineers can do a thorough diligence and audit and suggest the most effective solutions which are suitable for the projects and also advice methods to minimize the operational and maintenance cost. We analyze in detail of existing infrastructure and suggesting the effective Building Management System (BMS) are essential for safety and efficiency of the building, as well as well-being of the occupants.